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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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. another big rig driver falls victim to the wet roads causing another traffic mess. we will tell you the plan to get this one cleaned up. >> a steady rainfalling here in the santa cruz mountains. the dangerous condition drivers are facing along highway 17. >> the heaviest burst of rain is moving east and south but its being replaced by even more rain. we will have details on the rain and the warning its
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warning. >> . good morning. >> it's friday, november 30th. we are on storm watch this morning. the bay area is dealing heavy rain, wind and power outagesw. have had live team coverage since 4:30. we are in livermore where a big rig crash is slowing traffic. alex is in the mountains, steve is tracking the system in the weather center and tara is covering the roads from the traffic center. >> this system came and it packed a bunch and it's still doing that especially toward the santa cruz mountains and toward parts of the east bay. there was a bit of a break but never everything starting to
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fill back in. urban and small stream flood advisory continues until 11:30. i think on the san mateo bridge it could be nasty. heavy rain, looks like it's letting up toward santa cruz. fremont has been hit hard also -- i mean pleasanton, livermore to the pass, very intense. not a let up there yet. also pockets in the east bayh round mount diablo. walnut creek. things are filling in with a general rain. steady rain from berkeley, oakland, then into marin but picking up, 101 corridor and then over toward parts of son nah, napa, look what's off shore. there is just a ton of moisture that has to work toward us. we will talk about that .
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>> thank you. we have that flash flood warning in effect for sonoma county until nine. be aware of that and a lot of parts of the north bay and east bay and santa cruz area getting a lot of rain. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. it's a little foggy. in san francisco a look at 101 shows traffic moving well. we have a high wind advisory on the bay bridge. it's 7:03. we will head out to c hugey dine who is monitoring an accident in livermore. >> reporter: it's a mess out here. interstate 580 hasn't been a great place to be. four accidents, this one may take a while. take a look at this tractor trailer and what happened to it. the second half of the trailer flipped over. they called in two tow trucks to try to figure out how to flip it back over. in the meantime its blocking
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traffic and things have really showed down. the driver out here, you can see him, he told me that he was just coming up the pass and his truck just started sliding from side to side. he just couldn't control it and is this what happened. i want to pan over to the traffic mess. the line of cars, coming up 580, we got here right after this happened. people were just going around it, no flares, no chp, with we were really close to the front of it. this isn't the first accident. this stretch of road has seen. asaphia truck did the same thing last night in the same spot. slid out of control, blocked traffic. they cleared it out and we have seen other accidents as well. what is the plan for this
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morning? again, they just got to flip this trailer over and get it out. they hope to do it as soon as possible but its been a very busy morning and traffic moving at a crawl. one car at a time, one lane at a time. you that is the -- westbound direction and sometimes you can seat top of a trail coming through. it's not a great morning on 580 but we will continue to monitor the situation. live. >> thank you a flash flood warning in effect in sonoma. some areas are already flooding. we just shot this video of the creek which is spelling over its banks. . brian is heading there now and we will update there in about 30 minutes. >> time is 7:06, no school for
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some because the storm. the shoreline district cancelled today's classes. santa rosa schools considered canceling classes but school will go on as scheduled. stay tuned here to ktvu and for anymore school closure. the south bay is getting trenched and mudslides are possible up in the santa cruz mountains. alex is live. he has been there since 4:30. >> reporter: we have seen a steady downpour here in the santa cruz mountains all morning long. that's making for dangerous conditions on highway 17 as people come up and over the pass this morning. you see a lot of standing water as you make this drive. a lot of it pooling on the roadway. people are taking it slow and no accidents report by the chp so far. chp has been getting reports of quite a bit of mud and debris coming down along the roadway.
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we went and took a drive down to scott's valley just to check out the reports and it looks like caltrans has been getting whatever mud has been coming on to the roadway cleaned up fearly quickly. we didn't see any real hazards but the chp is warning that you need to be careful. i want to show you something over here. this is a concern for the chp. the high winds overnight. this is what they left behind. they blow down a lot of branches. you could encounter this as you drive to work. branches down in the roadway. that's one reason they want everybody to just slow down and pay attention. the visibility not good as the rain continues to fall and hazards will be out there this morning so be careful. >> all right. we will keep tracking the storm for you all morning long.
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you can get updates any time with storm tracker two. you will find it online, on your mobile device or through an app. >> we are following developing news out where there was a violent home robbery over night. we are live with more on the call that had police rushing to the home. >> police are investigating the first homicide of the year. it happened in the overnight hours at a mansion in the hills. now police received the call from a woman this morning saying her house had been broken into and ransacked. when officers arrived they found the body of the woman's husband. she was taken to the hospital and is boeing interviewed. csi has the roadblocked off to process the scene and look for
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clues. >> it's very unusual. it's a very safe community. very affluent and things like this just don't happen. this is a bad thing. >> police called multiple agencies to help search the area and used a dog but didn't find anybody. police aren't saying what weapon was used or details about the home invasion and they are still interviewing the woman so we don't have a suspect description. again we are unsure in home was targeted but back out here live, this home is not in an easy place to get to. it's off highway 9, up the hill and then several turns. so, that has police wondering if someone cased the home. we are hoping to get more details as the morning goes on but all the investigators are there at scene gathering
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evidence, talking to neighbors, trying to find out how this happen. >> we have all kinds of problems, the weather, the traffic, and a flash flood warning in sonoma. >> reporter: that's right. we are hearing report that's river is spilling over and we have a lot of problem areas. be careful on the roads. as we look at maps you can see a sig alert has been issue . only one eastbound lane of 580 open at greenville because of that big rig accident. another crush at the 680 split so that road shut down. a look at toll plaza shows the traffic is backed up there all the way to the maze. you will need another 20 minutes this morning, i would say normally 15 but with the bad conditions and the wind we
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have a indrises re. down in the south 273. it's westbound as you go toward sunnyvale. not as bad as normal but slow. 7:11. >> its been really coming down. i know three inches, some of the heavier cells are moving east and out of the area but it's boeing filled in, there is just so much moisture to the west. now a general rain and a steady one. we have the flash flood warning out. there is a lot of rain saturdaying to peak up but then it's pick up again. stretching from sear's point back over to nevada. that can be heavy rain. i think they had appear inch of reason ha 45 minutes at the
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boardwalk. you bonk and small stray -- labs like the heavier rain is steve to moving out. san jose north where some of that line has been. this kind of pattern, snow grade just keeps going over to pleasanton, livermore, dublin, haywood and up toward memoryville. out to the south bay. looks like highway 4 around antioch, oakley action brentwood, discoverer bay. starting to pick up. general rain, berkeley, oakland, san francisco, little bit no marin, mill valley, kempsville. that's where it's starting to pick up. there is just so much moisture, some of the rain goes through but the cloud cover isn't. this will about he with us all
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day. flash booed watches. looks like between now and sun. thursday through sunday time frame the forecast was maybe about ten inches, i think that will come through because of more rain on saturday and another on sunday. >> thank you. today the united states court may decide the fate of proposition 8, how san francisco is prepare. and we are continuing over tomorrow watch for the rest of the newscast witha check own on power out aims. >> and the local cities that want a is it da task.
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. rain moderate to heavy. gusty winds, warnings and watching foavy rain and one of those cells going over wood
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side. more on that coming up shortly. >> thank you. if you plan to fly out of sfo this morning you better call ahead. several can canceled flights and delayed. starting at nine some arriving flights may be delayed more than three hours. the same thing happened yesterday. several flights were delayed up to three hours. lot of heavy winds and downed trees have left more than 15,000 pg&e customers with no power. more than 4500 are in the peninsula area in the dark. 3700 in the south bay, 7600 in the north bay. the bay bridge, the richmond, san rafael bridge, the san mateo bridge have all had power outages. >> today we may find out if same sex couples in california
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will be able to get married legally. allison burns is in the washington dc newsroom to tell us what's at stake at the court. >> reporter: we have a crew at the court now, same sex couples in california and across the country are eggerly awaiting any news today from the justices, they are going to go behind closed doors to decide if they will take up several challenges to gay marriage laws, including california's ban on gay marriage proposition eight. supporters are hoping the court will let a allower court decision stand that overturned proposition eight. the city attorney of san francisco said if that happens couples could marry almost immediately. >> we want to be prepared if marriages do start to number one have staff ono hand, to preform them. >> reporter: the justices are also going to announce if they
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will consider whether same sex marriage deserves equal treatment under federal law and if the government's defense of marriage act that defines marriage as one man and one woman is constitutional. >> do we have any idea of what we may hear a decision in. >> in. >> reporter: we have been hearing a lot of different situations for how this news will come out. the justices are meeting to decide among themselves whether they are going to take up these cases. there are about seven challenges, we could get word later today -- the most likely situation i'm hearing is early next week. san francisco officials have asked the court of appeals to give them 24 hours notice 23 if they decide to lift the stay
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on same sex marriages so the city clerk can prepare for when is expected to be a rush of same sex couples wantinto marry. there are plans for a big celebration in the castro district on monday night if same sex marriage becomes legal again in california. >> this morning the california law that prohibits mental health from siders counseling gay minors on how to become straight will have it's first legal test. in sacramento a district court is holding a hearing. the new law is due to take effect january 1st. it prohibits licensed therapists from using techniques aimed to change the sexual orientation of underage clients but lawyers are asking a federal judge to block that law. in just a couple minutes the president will get on air force one. he will fly to a toy factory in pennsylvania and he will make another appeal for his approach to avoiding that year end
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fiscal cliff. the president will make the case that congress has to take action to stop taxes from going up on middle class consumers during the holiday season. republicans say they aren't impress pressed the president's latest proposal that was brought to capital hill. the proposal is 1.6 trillon dollars in higher taxes, they also want $50 billion for spending in 2015, in return the president is offering to support an unspecified amount of spending cuts this year and also legislation for saving up to $400 billion from programs like medicare over a decade. >> more bay area communities are considering taxes on soda. the first city to put up the idea for a public vote was richmond. that was defeated early this month but now others -- the
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soda industry said the tax wouldn't work because people would just go to other cities to buy their drinks. >> all right. a second storm is really hitting the bay area. steve is tracking this storm. he will tell you what to expect all day and into your weekend. >> alex smith speaking out on the 49er quarterback controversy. what he said about the coach's decision to start calling him. >> here is a look at the bridge where you can see we have back up there westbound. we will have more traffic hot spots, floodway flooding coming up.
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. we are now hearing alex smith after collin was named the starter for sunday's game in saint lieu us. smith had a concussion more than two weeks ago but has been cleared to play.
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however, once again he is the back up quarterback. the head coach met with both men to discuss his decision. >> he explained where he was coming from and felt like it was a difficult situation and -- wanted to go in this direction. >> smith was playing some of his best football when he was hurt. he still leads the league in pass completion percent age. he said he will make the most of his next opportunity to play. one of the arguments i heard is that it may discourage players admitting they were hurt because then it's hard for them to come back if someone steps in and does a better job. >> let's go to tara. there is so much to tell you. we are trying to get you out the door but the rain is messing up everything. >> i know. just stay home. wouldn't that be nice. if you can, we have computers these days. we have a lot of flooding up in sonoma county. we have a lost little rivers and creeks that are starting to
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over flow. if we go outside we can take a live look at the situation on 580, this is eastbound through livermore. you can see only one lane of traffic because of this big rig accident. it's also affecting traffic in the other direction. it's slow going westbound but be aware of this. let's take a look at maps right now. we have a couple of incidents to report. told you about this -- about a half hour ago, we have that sig alert at highway 84 at mission boulevard and that's because there is a mudslide on 84. do not use this. i know it's used a lot as a shortcut but not this morning. also we have another -- flooding here on 84 at 880. that's at the dunbarton bridge. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. meters lights are onto give you extra time. it's 7:26, let's check in with steve. >> thank you.
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well, the heavier bands, still pockets but that real intense line is moving out. now its being filled in by a gentle, steady rain. this is where it could get dicey. six inches of rain in the russian area. everything is coming in line with projections, kernville, not to bad but picking up. i went and tried to find pockets, over toward sonoma, i know there has been some rain. san bruno with good rain. heard from casey. she said it's coming down toward sharpe park, pacifica. there is pockets there. also palo alto, loss altos, fremont, newark and haywood, just -- what is the deal? it just keeps going and going. looks like that will continue. also over san ramone. got hit hard.
7:28 am
danville into blackhawk and then picking up a little bit, american canyon, hidden brook, also fairfield, over toward marin things have picked up, mill valley, san rafael, in between there, the richmond, san rafael bridge. things are also picking up four inches of rain in middle town in lake county and i know it can knock it out. we have a ways to go because look at that unbelievable train of moisture continuing to march toward us. we aren't done yet and another one will come in on sunday. >> all right. thank you. a bay area woman hits the pavement to fight lung cancer. the tragedy that inspired her to run more than 3,000 miles. >> live in the north bayh long highway 101 where it's a wet, windy messy drive. what you can expect coming up. >> and there is a flash flood advisory in sonoma causing concern but how will it affect
7:29 am
the river? we will have that story as mornings on 2 continues. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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. we are on storm watch, heavy rain, really messing up the bay area drive and floodings already a problem in some areas. we have team coverage for you. brian flores, there is a flash
7:32 am
flood warning. rosemary is in marin. let's go first to steve in our weather center. >> thank you very much. well, one band moving through to the south and east but not before very heavy rain and now picking up again. just so much moisture off shore it'll continue to funnel in all day. now focus back on the north bay because of a little bit of a break for a while. starting to pick up again. marin, especially around -- over toward sonoma as well. things have been picking up russian river area. now the steady stream of  moisture just coming in and you can see its lighting up. also santa rosa, then even half moon bay, south san francisco, there is a lot of rain here. now we go to rosemary and i know she is in marin, the rain picking up. pleasure working with you by the way. >> out here the rain has been constant.
7:33 am
moderate to heavy at times, its lightened up at times and giving youa a live look at 101. point you toward the disstance where the drive not as bad as in the past. that's a low lying area of the highway. at least moving. the rain has been a constant, slowing people down and the wind, the gusts strong enough at times to topple trees, bring downpour lines and create dangerous driving conditions. >> slow down, even though the posted speed limit is -- what you are going to want to follow, keep it below that. >> here we are going along highway 101. this area so far so good but not in the clear just yet. we are close to the creek. at high tide later today it
7:34 am
could be possible that water starts to get backed up. we he will track this for you of course throughout the morning. the wind advisory for the north coast and thrills has been allowed to it expire. i want to point you toward the trees where they are still moving around quite a bit but nothing like what we had earlier this morning. the winds have let up, good news this that department. live from the north bay. i'm rosemary. >> thank you. there is growing concern about flooding in the north bay, a flash flood warning in fact is in effect in sonoma right now until 9:15 this morning and that means flooding is happening. brian flores is live at the river with a look at the water levels there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, that warning as you said goes on until about 9:15 but take a look at river. it's currently at an advisory stage. i just talked to a fire
7:35 am
battalion chief here. he said about 12 feet deep right now. for more on this floods and where some of the hot spots are let's bring himn. what is the situation like? >> right now i can't speak to the rest of the county but right here this is the main inlet. most of the water, the drainage, everything from the park this way has to come through. we have a little bit of water. right now we are just kind of monitoring. be prepared. >> reporter: when we talked earlier you said that the water can sometimes creep over the bank if that's correct and then --. >> yeah. they have made improvements here. what we worry about is this trailer park here, getting
7:36 am
isolated from us. it'll flood the road, it'll flood and it'll isolate them but we have plans in place to make sure people are taken care. . >> reporter: any advice for people heading out? >> drive slowly. as you saw ona 580, that truck went over, drive slowly. get to work, if you get there late, start earlier. be prepared, have a flash light, a radio, spare food, all that stuff. >> sounds good. thank you. there are a lot of hot spots. there is flooding in the park, a creek out there where a car got stuck and they are putting banks out there. we will keep track on it all morning long. for now brian flores. back to you. >> all right. we will check in with you soon. if you are just joining us we want to tell you of a school
7:37 am
closure today due to the storm. the shoreline unified district has cancelled classes. santa rosa considered it but school is going on as scheduled. stay tuned for more storm related updates. people across the bay area are stock up on free sandbags. we saw this man filling sandbags in pleasant hill. many other cities are making sandbags available. for a list go to the website and look under the hot topics section. the rain here in the bay area means snow in the sierra but the rig resorts say they are no longer depending on nature. the story at 7:44. >> so much to tell you about. a lot of problems, be careful. what's happening on the peninsula? >> we have two accidents about three hundred feet apart. both are in the center divide.
7:38 am
they were solo vehicle spin outs. people just not driving slowly enough. give yourself extra time. we are going to look at maps and show two troubled areas, the first a sig alert issued we have -- basically nobody can get through because of a mudslide. avoid 84 this morning. roadway flooding that i wanted to show you. folks just sitting int. this is the worst that i have seen it all morning long. give yourself extra time. finally 280 at 880 split. 280 northbound. very slow going . >> all right. thank you. well, some of the heavier rain
7:39 am
is moving up but there are still pockets. i had a couple reports, san ramone, on the peninsula, good pockets, i will show you in a second. look at the moisture, that's just unbelievablely taking aim at us. there will be enhancement on this and then another system with in the system. the last one on sunday or late saturday. let's look at some of the rainfall. we can see santa rosa areas, starting to show rain there picking up a little bit. it let up but i have seen four to seven inches of rain. you can see some of that rain. again it's more of a steady rain but that can almost be a worst case situation. when you started getting rain like this, i used to work out in santa rosa and i have seen heavy rain. i know it's not -- not saying its like that but when it starts to rain it just keeps
7:40 am
going. you can see also toward san rafael now, kemp field, mill valley, fairfax, lucas valley, good cells moving through picking up toward napa, fairfield, american canyon, that's a good pocket over fairfield. south san francisco, daily city back toward oakland and toward on the peninsula now from the bridge it looks moderate to heavy. heading toward redwood. also wood side. you see the orange. that's heavy. fremont. union city, newark, haywood, a lot of rain, livermore and pleasanton. you can see that around blackhawk. south bay it's let up but more heavy rain heading toward the grade there and around sunnyvale. back in to the santa cruz mountains and its be three and
7:41 am
a huff inches of rain. we have a long way to go here. if it's not a flood warning -- wind advisory, and -- the projection thursday through sunday was for maybe a foot of rain and it's going to verify especially as we go toward the next system. >> all right. thank you. a san francisco woman is finishing a four month long cross country run to race money and awareness for lung cancer. the 24-year-old kelsey harrison ran through marin yesterday morning. she left time square on july 30th. >> the run is in honor of my childhood friend and pass away from lung cancer after we graduated. >> she had stage four lung cancer while at uc berkeley. she was a nonsmoker and on the
7:42 am
championship crew team. she plans to hug the girl's parents tomorrow the date they would have celebrated her 25th birthday. another check on one of the hardest hit areas from the storm and the frantic work to cut down trees ahead of the high winds. which trees pose the most danger. and a legendary preformer ends his career here in the bay area. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something.
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. this is i shot of highway 50 in the myers area in the lake tahoe area. no snow really on the ground here because steve was talking about how it's a warm storm.
7:45 am
chains are required on 50. if you don't have four wheel drive make sure you get the chains on and then on interstate 80 trucks are being stopped, chains required at that apple gate exit just after you pass auburn. let's head back to the desk. >> as we see in that shot, it's more rain than snow up in the sierra at least down in some of the lower elevations but the big ski resorts aren't as depend ant on nature. >> reporter: the storm, especially on a friday has skiers, boarders and resorts thinking this year will be better than last but the big resort may not karasch much either way. this mornings edition of the times reports heavy investment in new snow making equipment means they depend lesson nature. they said visits to them were down by 12%.
7:46 am
they were disappointed by the lack of snow but despite that they report that sale its for the three are up 21%. even though prices are up as well and that's probably because they are making more snow this year. snow ski lake tahoe that includes mount rose, alpine meadows, squaw and all of the viel resort report spending $100 million in capitol investments and a family friendly park and so. so looking for the rain, hoping for snow. >> falling trees a big concern. especially in the santa cruz mountains. landscapers have been rushing
7:47 am
to clear dying trees. >> changing gears, checking wall street, stocks have been little changed, the commerce department said americans cut back on spends. does ropes from sandy could slow growth for the rest of the year taking a like look the dow up six, back above 13,000. the nasdaq down three. we are watching zynga stock and it's -- that and facebook changed their relationship status so it's less exinclusive. a new agreement lets facebook develop it's own games, zynga no longer has to use facebook. >> personal income and consumer spending was affected
7:48 am
by sandy. it's a new government report out that said consumer spending fell two tenths of a percent in october. the first decline in five moss. economists expected to go up slightly. personal income stayed flat in october. the experts expected the increase of two tenthths of a percent but the government said that hurricane sandy reduced salaries by more than $18 billion for that month. the los angeles auto show will open later this day and the ford fusion is a big award winner. it's the greenest car of the year because of all the power options this include a hybrid version, a plug in hybrid and a gas saving thank saving turbo gas station. >> starbucks is donating some
7:49 am
of its revenue on world aids day to help night the disease. the company said it'll give five cents to the global fund of the red foundation for each handcrafted drink sold on saturday in the united states and canada. they are also offering a 30- dollar gift card for use at its stores. the great hostest bakery selloff can now start. a judge approved plans to sell all the company's assets including baking facilities, recipes and trademarks. the court approved nearly two million dollars in bonuses to some executives if they meet certain standards. >> the rhinestone cowboy is calling quits. that's one of his favorites.
7:50 am
glenn campbell, his last stop on his worldwide good-bye tour. he decided to retire after he found he had early stages of alzheimer's. he has preformed with the greats. >> very, very talented. it's a first for the raiders this season. not a good one. what won't happen this sunday when oakland hosts the browns. >> and a warning if you like to live by the ocean. why officials say stay away from the low lying beaches and keep your boats out of the water. ,0
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[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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7:53 am
that can stack up. seven inches of rain west of heels burg, very heavy rain toward parts of the peninsula as well. we will keep you adviced into marin. >> good information. the coast guard warning boaters and beach goers be careful because much of the storm. you are adviced say away from low lying beaches. dog owners -- remember dogs are normally stronger swimmers than humans, don't try to rescue a dog from a surf zone. >> reare expected to learn more about an autistic girl missing oakland who was found two days after she disappeared. the 16-year-old's father said investigators said his daughter was beaten and raped. police say the girl walked away from the youth center on
7:54 am
tuesday night. staff followed her but lost sight of her near the bart station. we spoke to her father and he wants the center held responsible. >> they tracked her by vehicle and on foot for five hours, never detaining her, which they have the authority to physically detain her and put her in the vehicle. >> the youth center said the doors are not locked and kids are allowed to leave. according to the father she was last seen with a group of six men. police haven't released any information on the teen's condition or the circumstances of her disappearance. >> oakland city officials are moving ahead with a plan to put more police out there on the street. two councilmembers want to hire 20 civilians to work as police service techs as a way to free up 20 officers to be out there patrolling. they want to bring on 11 sheriff deputies to patrol
7:55 am
oakland for a couple of months. the police department is under staffed. they have 200 fewer officers than four years ago. >> we are asking them to volunteer in over time, to provide extra patrols during the times we believe violence is taking place. >> the plan also calls for playing for a new police academy for next summer. >> you won't see this sunday's raider game on local tv. the game against the browns will be blacked out. the raiders failed to sell 85% of available tickets in time to avoid the blackout. their poor play as hurt ticket sales. it's the first blackout for them in a while, since 2010. >> they were rolling. >> we have bad weather. that's what you need to know. tara knows everything that's happening. >> we have that flash flood
7:56 am
warning in effect we have seen countless spin outs, speed, if you mix it with the rain. go below the speed limit. we are going to head out -- you can see the traffic is backed up. the metering lights are on. it took a while to kickn. a lot of people left later than they normally do but make sure you give yourself extra time. high wind advisory on the span. up next a look at 680, you can see just how windy it is and it's raining. traffic on the right hand side. we have this sig alert, this is in the opposite direction of the drive so that's the good news. also slow going, 580 westbound.
7:57 am
that is because we have -- a mudslide. they have closed the roadway as you approach the fremont area. light rain, windy but -- other reports coming in, fairfield, january and berkeley just said it's a steady rain. cassie jean, pouring, i believe. you can see that -- also back over by fairfield. areas where it's heavy, san ramone back to haywood. that's been a good pocket. notice the trend. especially toward south san francisco, back over tabriz pain, there is been heavy rain. trying to give you wide looks because it's impossible to zero in on all of them.
7:58 am
i know lexington has 3.75 -- that is pretty inten, heading toward the valley. from san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, will come out wide, take a look -- it's -- it's going to be cloudy and raining all day. the cloud band is moving but it's enhancing. more rain and then another system as we head toward the weekend. >> what a system there. we are on storm watch on this wet and windy friday morning. we will continue with that. >> and getting closer to clearing up this section of 580 after another big rig lost control. we will show you the progress they are making. >> and this storm is triggering dangerous driving conditions through the santa cruz mountains. how the heavy rain here is
7:59 am
impacting the ride along highway 17.
8:00 am
. good morning.
8:01 am
welcome back. >> it's friday, we will start with the live storm watch team coverage. heavy rain causing major problems. we have a team of reporters that have been on it. claudine is updating several big rig crashes on interstate 580, alex savage is up in the mountains and steve is tracking everything in the weather center. tara is watching the roads. >> machetessed system has arrived. we have -- two to seven inches of rain. usual suspects also up toward the russian river area. it's making a bee line for us. we are going to see enhancement on the rain. a broad brush here. we will start, look up toward cloverdale, month moderate to heavy rain, nothing compared to
8:02 am
what they had overnight but that's steady and it looks like its increasing. over to -- we have a flood warning out. marin county, two inches, kemp field. they can take a lot more. san ramone. oakland, also parts of livermore if, just been hammered. san carlos, then in to the santa cruz mountains. let's toker go to tara. >> we have wind advisories in effect for a lot of the bridges, all under this heavy wind advisory. be aware of that, flash flood warning in effect in sonoma
8:03 am
until about nine. right now we will have a -- a live look at the east shore freeway. the drive a nice one. at the bridge you will see it's a lot more windy out there. the conditions dry slowly as it can get slippery. >> reporter: traffic recovering from an earlier one and we are getting close on this one. they got two lanes of traffic open moving by here. that's -- helped up the situation. behind this big truck you see is the tractor trailer that slid out of control.
8:04 am
they are working on that. show you video -- when the truck driver lost control. two trackers on the back of the gravel truck, on the back of his tractor trailer and one of them flipped over. it took a while to get that flipped back over. this is a problem area. its been a problem since last night. a safeway truck did the same thing. slid on this stretch of roadway coming up the pass. then caused a big mess blocking several lanes of traffic. 580 has been just a nightmare in whichever direction are you going. the roadways are wet. visibility have been low. we have been up and down it since early this morning since before 4:00. this is good news. traffic is moving, two lanes are open and they have the tractor trailer up right now. just get it on this tow truck and pull it out and we do expect that to happen in the
8:05 am
next few minutes. live on 580. >> sonoma is under a flash flood warning until 9:15, take a look at this video. over flowing its banks, the stream is also flooding right now and it flows in to the river, that's causing even more concerns. brian flores is watching water levels right now. brian will bring us a live update in just about 30 minutes. >> the rain has been relentless on highway 17, mud has been sliding, beginning to slide on the highway from the mountains. >> good morning. the rain just picked up here in the last couple minutes, we had a heavy downpour. i wanted to show you what highway 17 looked like.
8:06 am
how much water is building up. obviously very dangerous conditions for people heading over the pass here from the south bay over to santa cruz. push in over there and you can probably see that as -- these car is that bus go by there and that right hand lane there is a lot of standing water, a real hazard for drivers, the potential for hydro plaining a serious one. let me show you what the driving conditions are like on highway 17. the wind shield wipers are working hard. it is slow going along highway 17. we did see the chp at one point running a traffic break so a caltrans crew could move in and help a clogged up storm drain that was causing problems for drivers. >> today it's tough. i
8:07 am
splashed the traffic on the other side. that was good. >> reporter: and along with the standing water, this is the other hazard that a chp officer said drivers need to be aware of. downed trees, you will see a lot of this. also, we aware of what's coming up in front of you. they are getting several reports of mud and debris. a good idea to take it slow. talked to one officer here, they say things very busy. we are live in the mountains, alex savage. >> if you plan to fly out of sfo call first. several canceled flights and delays on the websites, also
8:08 am
word that starting at nine some arriving flights may be delayed more than three hours because of low cloud ceiling. the same thing happened yesterday when several arriving flights would delayed. we will keep track that and this storm throughout the morning. you can get updates at any time with storm tracker 2. you will find it online or through a app. >> new this morning a neighborhood is in shock after a violent and deadly home invasion over night. we have live with more on why police say this crime is unusual. >> reporter: good morning. we have been speaking to residents and they say this doesn't happen here this is a first homicide of the year. right now you are looking at crime scene investigators, they have been searching this area looking for any sort of clues,
8:09 am
any evidence to what happened. here you are looking at whitney road, a quarter mile up is where a lot of the activity is and where it happened. police say they received a call from a woman saying her home was broke then to and ransacked. when police arrived they found the body of her husband. the woman was taken to the hospital. she has nonlife threatening injuries. sources say she was tied up during the invasion. officers started to canvas the neighborhood for clues. >> the area, the neighborhood was searched, obviously for the suspects, alible searching will be done for anymore evidence, clowes, that may identity who they were. we will talk to the victim. >> reporter: crime scene investigation unit has been processing the cineole morning.
8:10 am
they are trying to see if they can find a weapon or see if there is any evidence that was left behind. we are waiting to see if -- this happened in a very afflent area. you know this -- we looked up how much this house was worth. it was worth $2.4 million. it's hard to get to the area. have you to take a lot of turns, very narorow roads, the first home received the year in the area. reporting live. >> thank you. the united states supreme court may announce today if it'll review the challenge to proposition 8 which banned same
8:11 am
sex marriage. time is 8:10. >> reporter: a lot of incidents mentioned, i'm having a hard time keeping one the chp website. they have so many things coming down. in the russian river area. wires that are -- near orchard road, also westbound 80 in the fairfield area is flooded. a lot of things to keep in mind. we have a flash flood warning in effect for sonoma until nine this morning. first we have going to take a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. it extends to the maze. give yourself extra time. high wind advisory in effect for the span. highway 24 lafayette we noticed emergency lights here pop up. we are keeping an eye on the
8:12 am
chp website to see what it is. you can tell the traffic is bad as you make your way toward the tunnel. very slow going. highway 237, traffic westbound in the right hand side. the tail lights you see and the shot has been breaking up all morning long because the weather. rainy out there, drive slowly. >> thank you. rain and a lot going around. some of the totals two to seven inches, i know -- three to five santa cruz mountains, you can see the highway of moisture continues. a lot of enhancement taking place. it'll rain into parts of saturday and then another system in and it looks similar on sunday to what we are getting here. some of the heavier rain has been, take your pick, from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. looks like rain is picking up into lake county. about four to five inches, the
8:13 am
rivers, streams are roaring, couple of reports coming in up there. also, the russian river, went from six feet to 12 feet thursday and friday. that's from kent in west santa rose a. i think i saw five inches of rain there and near saint helena. heavy rain -- kemp field only just zeroing in on two but there has been moderate rain are. also up to -- over to sonoma, vallejo getting hammered. our observer saying a half inch an hour. there is a cell right over vallejo. that's really heavy totals. danville, blackhawk getting hit. san leandro as well. that's a cell right over them. same can be said for parts of the east basement berkeley, emoryville, steady into oakland and san francisco, steady,
8:14 am
really heavy rain around business pain. then over the san mateo bridge and then back into the santa cruz mountains, there is been a cell parked over -- there it is. boulder creek, felton this have had three plus inches of rain. now moving in to the valley. it's widespread. it's everybody and it'll continue most of the day. look at the moisture, looks like the clouds are finally moving narcotic will sweep in here and give us more rain. wind advisory, flood warning, watches, just hunker down. take it slow. >> we will continue our storm watch coming up with a check on power outages and getting rid of the dollar bill. 9 reason behind the push to switch to a coin instead. >> and an important ruling today involving gay th era py here in california.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
. rain and a lot of it continues, even picking up all the way down to santa cruz and areas out to the valley. look at all that moisture. a day where we get a lot of rain. if you want to see rain from santa rowsa to san jose there it is. one more system after today but today is already causing a lot of problems with debris, downed power lines and a lot of rain. >> power is slowly starting to be restored to thousands left in the dark overnight after heavy winds, downed trees and
8:18 am
power lines. at the peak of the storm 15,000 in the bay area were without power. all experienced,. >> same sex couples here in california, they are nervously waiting for news from the supreme court that may come today. allison burns in washington to tell us what the court will decide. >> reporter: the justices are meeting behind closed doors to decide whether they will hear several challenges to gay marriage laws including california's ban on same sex marriage, proposition 8. same sex marriage supporters are hoping they will let a lower court decision stand that ruled it unconstitutional. city city attorney said that if that happens, couples could marry almost immediately. >> i take a -- think a great
8:19 am
deal of pride on behalf of this office that we have been there to fight for equality every step of the way and we look forward to a court rule that would make whatever happens -- that would speed up the process of putting in marriage equality. >> reporter: the justices will also going to announce either later today or early next week if they will consider on if same sex marriage deserves equal treatment under federal law and if the government's defense of marriage act constitutionalw. have a crew at the court that's been talking to a same sex couple from the bay area. they are here in dc awaiting the news from the court. we will have that story later today. reporting live from washington dc. >> this morning the california law that prohibits mental health providers from counseling gay minors on how to
8:20 am
become straight will have it's first legal test. a district court is holding a hearing. the law is set to take effect january 1st. it prohibits therapists to use took necks on underaged clients but attorneys are asking a judge to block the law. the president is now in pennsylvania where he will make another appeal for his approach to avoiding the year end fiscal cliff. this is video of the president arriving in philadelphia just five minutes ago. the president will make the case at a toy factory that congress needs to take action to stop taxes from going up on middle class consumers during the holiday season. republicans say they aren't impressed the president's late eve proposal, brought capitol hill yesterday. the administration also wants $50 billion for infrastructure
8:21 am
spending. in return the president is offering to support a unspecified amount of spending cuts. >> time is now 8:20, should the government get rid of the one dollar bill? auditors say yes and replace them with coins. they say it would save four billion dollars in the next 30 years. they are considering changing the metal make up as well. >> the kind act by an nypd officer caught on camera. >> and weather is the big story today. we will continue the storm watch coverage on this wet and windy friday. we have reporters all over the bay area for you. >> and this is a look at highway 4 through the bay point area. you can see that traffic is a
8:22 am
little slow going. we have an accident to report, in the walnut creek area coming up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
. a young new york city police officer is praised for his kindness to a bare foot homeless man. the officer saw the man sitting in time square asking for spare change. now the officer said his son feet were freezing and he was wearing socks and boots.
8:25 am
it touched him to see the bare footman. >> you could see the blisters and i knew i had to do something. >> he walked to a nearby shoe store, he bought some socks and a pair of all weather boots and then came back, he put them on the homeless man. now neither one of them saw a tourist from arizona taking a picture of them with her cell phone. she posted it on the nypd's facebook page. it has been seen and praised by almost a half million viewers. >> and the story is also cool. the store gave him an employee discount so he got a good deal. his city -- he is keeping the receipt to remind him of people's situations. coming up, so many problems in the bay area with the traffic and weather. let's check in with tara. >> we have a lot of issues going on right now. if we take a look at the camera
8:26 am
we can show you this earlier problem. we saw emergency vehicle rights flashing, this is highway 24 westbound through lafayette. it's because of an accident at oak hill road and we want to mention flooding at the interchange. up next we can look at the maps, show you we have -- we have an accident, 280 northbound. if we head across the bay, you can see we have a couple of old issues. just as you were getting on. they have cleared the roadway so things getting back to normal. you can see the metering lights are on and you are going to sit in it for about 15 to 20
8:27 am
minutes. >> thank you. very wet, good morning, tell you, last night the wind just howling along, really cranked up. could be gusts but the strongest was last night. it didn't stall but we are getting steady rain and some of that can stack up. that's when things start to get serious and we have -- the system that came by the other day, it just won't stop. pleasanton, back to fremont. trying to focus on certain area that are getting slammed. i'm not surprised there is just a river of moisture off the pacific, santa rosa, very heavy rain, back to vallejo which has slammed. looks like things have claim calmed down and napa county. nothing to heavy that i have seen yet but you get up toward
8:28 am
saint helena. san ramone to haywood, rain rain. a line forming back toward san bruno, half moon bay, hasn't moved to much. also into fremont. pretty heavy rain into san jose, stanford and the santa cruz mountains. lexington reservoir. we will keep watching it but it'll be a day where i just think it rains most of the day. >> our storm watch team coverage continues after this break. how stanford is preparing the football field for the pack 12 game. . >> live in the authority bayh long highway 101 where the morning drive continues to be slow and slick. we will have the very latest. . >> and live where a flash flood advisory remains in effect throughout the morning, how will it affect river levels
8:29 am
as well as flooding on the streets? we have more storm track team coverage coming up.
8:30 am
8:31 am
. we are continuing our storm watch and seeing all the rain creeing swelling all over the bay area. we have been out there for four hours already live, brian flores watching a flash flood warning in sonoma. rosemary seeing moderate to heavy rain in marin. steve is in the weather center. there is almost to much.
8:32 am
i could do an hour show just on the bay area. you can see why. a heck of a lot of moisture. we will have just a steadier rain now instead of the bursts of moderate. steadier is bad enough when you get three to seven on top of that. some of the heavier rain just so many pockets seems to be around the grade, back toward san ramone and parts of the peninsula. let's head over to rosemary. i have seen a couple inches of rain but nothing to outrageous. >> you know actually, not to bad. bad but not to bad giving you a look at a very slow drive but if you look farther out where we have that area, that low lying area -- has a bad reputation for flooding, when we see the rains roll through like this, actually moving through pretty well from what i understand talking to a resident the winds were blowing hard, toppled trees and this
8:33 am
resident said that driving through the area when the rains get like this, very troubling. >> it's scary because my car -- i get scared driving over it. >> and back here live this morning, we have been watching this for the last couple hours and at times it becomes a little stop and go but nothing like it could be. the winds have been blowing but the wind advisory has been allowed to expire and we have noticed the winds have let up. nothing like what we saw earlier. i want to point you back over to the low lying area. highway 101. there is the creek that runs underneath it and it rolls out to the bay. in addition to getting flooding the creek, we get high tide we get a back up and build up from the bay area.
8:34 am
in addition to its lowell vacation, a couple of things that help create a bad situation. >> thank you. it's 8:33, a flash flood warning is in effect right now in sonoma county. it'll last for another 45 minutes and that means flooding is happening right now. >> good morning. that flash flood warning is expected to last for another 45 minutes, for the past five minutes, the rain has picked up here. we are live in front of the river though where officials say it's currently at an advisory stage but the water has continued to flow through here. it's risen since earlier this morning. what that means at least for the fire department is that the water -- it's starting to recede with it a little bit.
8:35 am
officials say they will watch it. there is also flooding as well there, back here at the mobile home park there is flooding on the streets, that's when we caught one a couple of people trying to clear up the streets and they say it happens every time it rains and today was no different. >> i have a big long pipe in there and that's not working. yeah. the water is up to here. in my boots. >> reporter: now let's look at video shot early this morning in sonoma. apparently the water went over the bank over there and flooded the road. early this morning as the rain was pounding the streets that wasn't the case. it was intense. created another pocket of flooding that blocked the roads. as we come back out live you are look at live traffic, we
8:36 am
have a vantage point of the 101 as well. in terms of the river itself, fire officials say they will look at two things, one of them was the high tide, the second is this other storm that will come on saturday night. with all the moisture that could cause potential problems as well. >> thank you. the westbound lanes of 580 in pleasanton are open again. after a big rig crashed overnight. it jackknifed near san ramone road. it caused a small oil spill and damaged a fence along the bart tracks. nobody was hurt. a few hours before that there was another trash in livermore involving a safeway truck. the chp is investigating why the driver lost control, this
8:37 am
ten slid across all eastbound lanes and burst into flames. the driver was treated for minor injuries. >> no school today for some in the north bay because of the storm. it was canceled. santa rosa considered canceling. >> this man was filling up sandbags in pleasant hill. if you want to see a full list go to the website, look under the hot topics section. >> we are getting word of a fatal fire in the north bay. it was on meadow way west of san rafael in marin county. it happened around 4:00. we have a call into the fire department. the tarp is on the field at
8:38 am
stanford stadium this morning as the rain pours. the stadium ground keeper is watching closely to see when to take the tarp off. >> the tarp does bring water up so you need to get it off as soon as possible. >> the ticket manager said the weather has hurt ticket sales, he predicts a crowd 15,000 short of the capacity. we have a section on the game on the website. coverage starts at 4:30 after an early edition the news. >> let's go to tara now. you need a calculator. >> i can't keep up with the -- there are so many things going
8:39 am
ono with chp, they are just swamped. quite a bit of flooding off 101, one of the off ramps, they didn't say which but it's flooded. three to four inches of water and in the san ramone water we have a mudslide where a lane is blocked. 237 westbound traffic. up next a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a wait, headed in to san francisco this morning. give yourself another 20 minutes and at the golden gate bridge you can see the fog has rolled in. a wet drive as you drive into san francisco. 8:38 here is steve. >> thank you. some great information coming in. josh said he fishes dry creek, it's 22 feet today. steelhead beach, russian river area rising, joyce checking in. so much information.
8:40 am
really heavy rain. especially toward areas -- i think taking the cake here. san ramone another. brisbane, everybody was in on it but they seem to be continuing to get heavy rain. lot of this is just streaming in now off the pacific. the heavier rain moving out. looks like its picking up. three to five and there have been reports up into mendecino five to seven. i a lot of rain, looks like it's better. a lot of rain.
8:41 am
san ramone is just stacking up. i heard from bev who said it's pouring. pools started to over flow. lexington had over three, three to five. san jose, continuing -- tom -- think he said he had 1.75. three and a half inches of rain. wide shot shows you why we are concerned. cloud cover is moving. break friday into early saturday. late saturday night this to sunday a similar system will take aim at us.
8:42 am
wind advisory. take us to 11:00 and i'm sure the weather folks, have within spot on. we talked about this back on tuesday and wednesday. question will get a break. >> thank you. it's 8:41, pg&e worker is dead after a crash overnight in west sacramento. police say that the driver lost control of his vehicle around 1:45 and smashed into a traffic signal. he was pronounced dead at the seen. weather may have been a factor. another controversy around collin but nothing has to do with alex smith. >> and a federal decision
8:43 am
means the end of the oyster company. what that means for oyster lovers in the bay area. >> ♪
8:44 am
[ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
8:45 am
. up to date on some of the top stories we are following
8:46 am
for you right now. police are investigating a deadly overnight home invasion. police got a call from a woman when they arrived they found her husband dead. the woman was tied up by the suspect. police are investigating trying to find who is responsible. today the united states court will decide if it'll review california's proposition 8 which bans same sex marriage. if it doesn't open on the case it'll open the door for same sex marriage to be legal again. if you have a flight today call first. several have been canceled or delayed. hill sides around the highway are soaked. we have been getting live stories. are you soaked?
8:47 am
>> reporter: i am soaked. it's leaking through at a couple of spots. the conditions are dangerous. the water has been building up on highway 17, a lot of it pooling in certain spots. just ten minutes ago i got off the hone with the c hp officer. they haven't had any accidents all morning long. i spoke to one man and he did say that it was a dangerous friday . i. >> i splashed the traffic on the other side. >> here is what the conditions look like as you make that
8:48 am
drive across highway 17 through the mountains. the wind shield wipers working extra hard. we saw caltrans move in. they had to clear out a drain that was causing significant standing water. they got that done. you will find a lot of this stuff and the chp wants people to be aware of that. we are live in the santa cruz mountains. >> today the drake's bay oyster farm has to shut down
8:49 am
after they were refused a ten year extense on their lease. the employees are losing their jobs, customers were stunned at the decision. >> so sad that now it won't happen. we could be at last people. >> the company is now considering making a legal appeal of that decision. the owner purchased drake's bay oyster company seven years ago. he knew the license expired today. because the farm produces 40% of california's oysters he expected to get the extense. now restaurants and seafood markets say more limited supply of oysters means the price will go up. >> a california woman accused of serving mushroom soup that killed hour that been banned from working at state senior
8:50 am
facilities. five people got sick from the soup that was made from mushrooms the backyard. the woman said she didn't know they were poisonous. >> i know she feels sorry. i know they can't forget what happened. she -- she never thought that something like this would happen. >> the state has ruled that the deaths were accidental. much of the talk about 49ers quarterback is not about his play but of anable criticizing his tattoos. they were compared to a prison inmate. he said a quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility. his parents said they are bothered and at many of their son's tattoos are bible verses. the raiders have suspended
8:51 am
orlando mcclain for two games. he was told to leave practice on wednesday for a undisclosed issue. >> we found out who won half of the powerball jackpot. he is a 52-year-old mechanic. they bought their winning ticket in month movement the other winning ticket is in arizona. >> according to my estimate they should get $192 million after taxes. >> is that all? >> yeah. >> pretty penny. >> pretty good. >> it's 8:50, the storm watch coverage continues after the break. we are watching continues in the north bay. . and flooding concerns on
8:52 am
the streets and in the river. how it affects your drive and day. . and the big accidents and power outages on bridges, we will have one final check on the commute. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet.
8:53 am
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8:54 am
. we have the update on the fatal fire in fairfax. a body was found inside a
8:55 am
cabin. fire crews first learned about it at 1:30. they had to bring 700 feet of hose up a long dirt road to fight the fire. then they noticed a body inside. >> the storm is causing all kinds of traffic messes. the driver of a safeway truck lost control. the driver was treated for minor injuries and there were other crashes in the same area. a flash flood warning still in effect for 15 more minutes. we are live way look at the conditions. >> hey. in the last two minutes the rain started to pick up. lots of moisture and lots of moisture on the ground.
8:56 am
we are live in front of the river where officials say right now the river is at an advisory stage and that means that the water in the river is at a high level but at least for now it's starting to recede. there is not much concern but they expect it to turn. officials say they will keep an eye on it because that may change things. there are pockets of flooding in the city as well. some pockets off industrial boulevard. apparently the water went over its bank there and flooded the road. earlier in the morning that wasn't the case as the rain was more intense. the rain continues to come out here as we bring it out live you are looking at tony point road here. we have a vantage point of the traffic on 101, getting slow and steady but they are looking at two things, the high tide that will come in and the storm
8:57 am
that is supposed to come in on saturday and sunday. we will stay on top of it. brian flores. >> absolutely. are you right. brian, we will have you covered at the next storm moves in. it'll start saturday night. on sunday morning, mornings on two will start one hour earlyer at 6:00 a.m. we will have complete weather coverage and will cover all the problems all over the bay area. that will be sunday morning from six to nine, then we will go to football. >> yeah. >> we have you covered. >> right now we go to tara flooding, spin outs. >> he have it all. take your pick. in san jose highway 87, we have some flooding, 80 westbound at georgia street. car spun out and hit a tree. in napa valley power lines down. pretty much a nightmare for the morning right now we will head outside. it's a look at 680. traffic on the right there, southbound toward fremont.
8:58 am
no delays but you can see it's really wet. san francisco, 101 is looking the same. very wet, rainy conditions out here. take it easy. finally at the bay bridge toll plaza the back up has been bad over the past two hours, we got a late start to the bay bridge drive this morning. really heavy right now and there is a high wind advisory are in effect across the span. >> national weather service has issued a urban and small stream advisory for the bay area. i know there is flooding toward todd road and powers road which is -- highway 116. west of the park. alsoa -- danville san ramone. we are in for a lot of rain and it won't let up until this evening. >> real quick. ken in boulder creek, five inches of rain since last night. >> and we are going to do a cut in every half hour on the
8:59 am
weather this morning starting at 9:30 through noon. thank you for watching.


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